EQ: The Trade of the Next Decade.

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Gary Vaynerchuk, entrepreneur, author and speaker calls Emotional Intelligence (EQ) the trade of the next decade. So valuable that businesses won't thrive without it. In his short video, Gary talks about the importance of internal feelings. In other words, understanding our people beyond our own opinions of who they are, what they need and how they [...]

Is It You or Is It Them?

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Leaders think it's their people. The team think it's their leader. The owner thinks it's the CEO. The CEO thinks it's the Board. So, who is it really that's causing the inefficiencies, the rework, the roadblocks between functions, all the unclear expectations, the wrong product going to market, the delay in delivery and customer dissatisfaction? [...]

Are You Stuck in the Pendulum Swing? (and an invitation to breakky)…

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The pendulum swing between controlling and giving-in resonates loudly for many women. At the 'controlling' end of the pendulum, we invest energy, focus and determination into ensuring things are perfect, trying to make things happen by directing, telling and project managing everyone and everything. At the 'giving-in' end of the pendulum we invest in keeping [...]

Engagement vs Commitment – Part 2.

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A distinction I learned long ago that applies perfectly in the age of 76% employee disengagement in Australia, is the distinction between Engagement and Commitment. A mistake I see most leaders and managers make is that they think they are the same thing. They assume that because there is an obvious commitment (for example, someone shows [...]

What’s Your Invisibility Story?

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Becoming visible takes passion, determination, focused work and some risks.  Staying visible requires even more - choosing a mindset that consistently takes us beyond what feels comfortable; an unwavering belief in a future we've never created before; and a commitment big enough to drown out the incessant perceived opinions of others. Because our greatest threat to [...]

Engagement Vs Commitment – Part 1.

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Effective accountability conversations are near to absent in the workplace. In my experience it's the area most leaders and managers are disempowered, no matter how experienced, intelligent or passionate they are. One of the key reasons is that we're trying to force a happy ending without creating a beginning, leaving everyone in hope that it [...]

The Greatest Resistance.

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Where is your greatest resistance?Is it with a particular person?A task?A project?Or maybe it's to the commitments you make to yourself? We can work hard to turn our attention away from what challenges us, but these annoyances represent an urgent invitation to our next breakthrough in presence, performance and personal power. Here are a few clues [...]