The Number 1 Team.

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If I asked you which team is your number 1 team?  It's likely you would reply "the team I'm responsible for."  This is the common answer for a few reasons.   1. You are responsible for the results of that team.2. It's likely it's your area of expertise.3. You may have hired some or many people in that [...]

Influence You First.

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As you gaze intentionally into 2019, you might be crystal clear about where you're going and what you want to achieve.  The kind of people you want around you, the numbers you want to hit, the time frames, the possible obstacles. Right now it would be easy for you to slip straight into solution mode, telling people [...]

Silent Nights.

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Christmas Eve was always my most favourite night of the year.  The feeling of sweet anticipation and cherished time with my family.  Delivering larger-than-life Christmas stockings with my Rotarian dad, "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" on high rotation in the pale green Holden station wagon. Carols on the TV.  Roast dinner with just the five of [...]

Walking the Line.

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“I know what got me here, is not going to get me where I want to go.”  Powerful self-awareness in a leader’s reflections recently. Walking the line between the limits of the past to his left, and the possibilities of the future to his right, this leader wasn’t yet fully convinced that a change was worth what it [...]

Women Being Real Builds Trust.

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"To unlock the potential in others, I need to unlock myself first."  Incredibly wise words from an inspiring woman recently. We were discussing the work she'd been doing since the workshop, courageously looking in the metaphorical mirror to find ways to evolve as a person and grow as a leader. A successful and accomplished professional, wife and [...]