Women Being Real Builds Trust.

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"To unlock the potential in others, I need to unlock myself first."  Incredibly wise words from an inspiring woman recently. We were discussing the work she'd been doing since the workshop, courageously looking in the metaphorical mirror to find ways to evolve as a person and grow as a leader. A successful and accomplished professional, wife and [...]

Helping Driven Men Build Trust.

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Recently I was asked by an organisation to coach one of its senior leaders.  A man who was consistently exceeding financial results, but whose team was suffering under the pressure and his unrelenting expectations. This man saw himself as a passionate, dedicated and determined leader, paving the way for his team to achieve anything.  He desperately wanted to believe in [...]

What I learned from crime about trust.

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I stood at the front door ready to knock, clipboard in hand, quietly confirming to myself my preparation  was complete.  It was my first day. My manager stood beside me, smiling with encouragement. The father answered, apologising while ushering us in.  His teenage son wasn’t home, he didn’t know where he was. With my manager’s reassuring glance, I [...]

Knowing How is the New Currency.

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Making a change that we know we want to make, but haven’t yet made, can be less about needing more information, and more about mustering the courage to apply what we’ve already learned. How many development programs have you been to, insightful articles and inspiring posts have you read, how many conversations have you had about how to do things [...]

Going First.

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Many people are waiting for someone else to do something more, better or different so that their job is easier. “If only admin would process work more quickly…” “If only marketing would choose the right products…” “If only sales would spread the work across the month…” “…then we’d be able to achieve our KPI’s.” It’s such an easy trap to fall into.  Believing we are right, [...]

The Business of Circles.

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  Improved results rely on people working better together. But every person has, at some point, felt let down, hurt, had their trust broken, suffered emotional pain or even physical damage at work. Thinking back to those moments, and those people who we believe let us down, in spite of what happened, if they had owned it, offered an apology without justification and [...]

We Can’t Judge Our Way Out of Anxiety.

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Anxiousness at work can sound like aggression or look like disengagement, but it can feel to the one suffering like confusion, fear and desperation. Misunderstood, judged and hidden, anxiousness carries with it deep shame and guilt.  Shame because we don’t want to be seen as weak, or fall short of what others expect of us.  Guilt because we don’t want to seem ungrateful for a [...]