Don’t Move Without Trust.

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Trying to move people forward without trust increases resistance. It’s like trying to drag a toddler out of the house when they’re not ready to go. It’s messy, slow, more people get involved than need to, and everyone ends up frustrated.  Eventually, the tribe make it out alive, but everyone knows it doesn’t need to be that [...]

Collaboration Not Agreement.

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No one wakes up intending to do poor quality work, trying to fail, or wanting to feel isolated.  Everyone wants to make themselves proud...but that doesn’t mean we always do, or know how to. To collaborate in ways that move business forward, people need to lean in and share their ideas, call out issues and communicate with conviction.  To [...]

How Do I Keep People Motivated?

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It’s a question that runs continually in the background for leaders. With determination and focus, many rely on what comes naturally and feels comfortable. Often telling, directing, and asking the same questions, looking for different results. They do their best to motivate, without really understanding what truly motivates - one individual differently from another.  They hope people will do what's expected, or at least [...]

A Foundation For Accountability.

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A frustrating challenge for many leaders is believing they've communicated expectations clearly, only to discover later they haven't been actioned or executed correctly. It's equally as frustrating for the team member supposedly receiving those expectations. Because telling expectations and agreeing expectations are two very different things. A busy leader may fire off a bunch of instructions, [...]

The Leadership Solution?

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One of the most common, day to day, bread and butter traps for leaders, is expecting people to perform, produce, prepare and prioritise the same way they do. The first 'aha' moment when we begin to learn that everyone sees the world differently, is in realising that everyone really does see the world differently. If [...]

Listening is the Skill of Leadership.

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When leaders become consumed by their reasons why they are right, they are not listening to each other. When leaders feel they must prove themselves to be respected and valued, they are not listening to you. When leaders convince themselves of the failings in others, their listening is limited to their stale opinions. When people [...]

How Do I Let Go?

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When women begin deepening their practice of self-love, they often ask me, "How? How do I let go? How do I breathe into my body? How do I trust what's inside me? How do I set healthy boundaries and honour them?" These are great questions and are being asked because women want to create a [...]

I Am Enough.

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"I am enough" means, I can stop trying to control outcomes. "I am enough" means, I can let go of trying to project-manage things, and people, and experiences into predictable boxes. "I am enough" means, I can give up the exhausting and empty pursuit of earning and deserving. "I am enough" means, I can show [...]