Drama in the Workplace.

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Trying to shut down drama in the workplace can be the same as squeezing a balloon full of water. Squeeze it in one place, the water shoots out in another direction. Squeeze it there, it will shoot out somewhere else. There's no containing it, unless you pop the balloon. Telling people not to gossip, putting [...]

Healthy Boundaries at Work.

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Setting healthy boundaries is as relevant and essential to our success and well being at work, as it is to our personal lives. Turning a life of obligation, and striving to meet the expectations of others, into a life of self-trust, self-responsibility and self-care takes enormous courage, but is transformative. Healthy boundaries at work can [...]

The Self Driven Man.

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For a self-driven man, finding his way into feeling can be the last thing he'd ever want to do. But when he hits his 'Success Ceiling' - where the boxes are ticked, yet fulfilment eludes him - he discovers it's time to meet himself. The place he's been avoiding for a life-time. Realising that sugar-coating [...]

Slow Down To Speed Up.

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Mindfulness is not about slowing down, it's about speeding up. New results, requires new actions, needs new thinking. But where does this new thinking come from? From a mind full of yesterday's troubles, of tomorrow's worries, of continually solving other people's problems? This is a heavy, slow mind. New thinking comes from instinct, intuition, being [...]

Let Go and Learn.

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Fast moving leaders who rarely look behind them, find slowing down to make sure their team are up to speed, a drain on their energy. Logical leaders who wish their teams would think like they do, find taking time to talk about feelings, a drain on their energy. Gregarious leaders who are the whole reason [...]

Compassion Builds, Judgement Breaks.

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Accountability and Compassion are not mutually exclusive. Leaders and managers are commonly disempowered in following up, using the convenient crutch of 'too busy' to go deeper than "how's that project coming along?" Most leaders either: - judge their people covertly and follow up politely, or - judge their people overtly and follow up dominantly. Neither [...]

The Missing Piece.

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I have the privilege of speaking quite often with men about vulnerability. Men who have achieved a level of success in their lives, who are enjoying the fruits of their labour. Though, silently, not quite as much as they once did. Men who are learning to become more aware, because they know it helps them [...]

Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable

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Developing EQ is like learning any new skill or growing an unused muscle, it's going to be uncomfortable, unfamiliar, awkward, for a while. Learning to dive recently, I was informed by the PADI manual that I was becoming something new, a scuba diver, something I hadn't been before. I loved their explicit declaration of it. [...]

Behavioural Training Doesn’t Work.

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The reason stand alone behavioural training workshops don't really train is that they don't undo the three, four or more decades of conditioning we've been exposed to. We didn't create our opinions, comfort zones, beliefs, values and fears in a 1 day workshop, and so even with multiple light bulb moments, without follow up, accountability, [...]