The Missing Piece.

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I have the privilege of speaking quite often with men about vulnerability. Men who have achieved a level of success in their lives, who are enjoying the fruits of their labour. Though, silently, not quite as much as they once did. Men who are learning to become more aware, because they know it helps them [...]

Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable

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Developing EQ is like learning any new skill or growing an unused muscle, it's going to be uncomfortable, unfamiliar, awkward, for a while. Learning to dive recently, I was informed by the PADI manual that I was becoming something new, a scuba diver, something I hadn't been before. I loved their explicit declaration of it. [...]

Behavioural Training Doesn’t Work.

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The reason stand alone behavioural training workshops don't really train is that they don't undo the three, four or more decades of conditioning we've been exposed to. We didn't create our opinions, comfort zones, beliefs, values and fears in a 1 day workshop, and so even with multiple light bulb moments, without follow up, accountability, [...]

How Does Your Ego Play Out?

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When does your competitive streak take you over? Where does your need to succeed become unhealthy for you and others? Our natural strengths, and those we've honed, can become the source of negative disruption, if we don't pay attention. When leaders drive their teams toward a result, without concerning themselves with how that result is [...]

The Desire Within.

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When people turn up to work every day, they come with everything that's made them who they are to this point. Their triumphs and victories, their failures and pain points. Their confidence in their strengths, their self-doubt learned through endless judgement. They come with their hopes to succeed, and determination not to stand out for the wrong [...]

Your Environment is Stronger Than Your Willpower.

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Some leaders want their 'challenging' people "fixed" by a coach. Can you just take them away, fix them up and return them when they're sorted out? A mentor of mine once shared "your environment is stronger than your willpower". No matter how transformational the coaching, UNLESS the environment makes a shift to support the [...]

Unlocking Buried Treasure.

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Behavioural profiles can get a bad wrap. But the right one used well is like finding the golden key that unlocks the buried treasure in your team. Even your most determined, dogged or distracted employees can be inspired to flex their communication and behaviour, grow as influencers and elevate their results. Understanding what triggers them [...]

Stepping Into Greatness.

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I see young women in leadership searching. Expecting to be welcomed into empowered work places, but often experiencing something different. Hoping those who’ve gone before will role model healthy confidence and influence, only to realise their mentors are equally challenged in being their authentic selves. Young women share with me their fear of not being supported, [...]