Vulnerability is the Doorway to Trust.

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What is vulnerability in leadership? It unlocks performance, but it exists as a nebulous concept for many. Vulnerability is the doorway to trust, deeper engagement, inspired and interdependent collaboration and expanded contribution to results. With engagement at work in Australia at 24%, according to Gallup, it's clear business is missing opportunities. The simplicity of vulnerability [...]

High Performance Teams.

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Leaders who excel at driving results, often drive their people the same way. That's how they work. But it can have a polarising effect, motivating some and completely disempowering others. It's the experience, wisdom and ideas of these very capable 'others' that remains untapped and often unnoticed unless a leader... 1. Learns to develop their [...]

Connect, Communicate and Empower.

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Most leaders avoid, or attempt to dominate, difficult conversations. Some distract themselves with other priorities while silently worrying about what needs to be said and how another will respond. Lacking confidence in reaching a win-win outcome, they procrastinate until the window has closed, promising themselves to act sooner next time. Others, powered by frustration and [...]

Emotional Intelligence is…..

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Emotional intelligence is communicating how I feel without blaming you for feeling this way. It's about owning my triggers, my filters, my self-imposed limits. And recognising that you have yours too. EQ is... - sourced in awareness - cultivated with compassion - engaged through accountability. It's for those who want to lead powerfully with influence. [...]

Full Minds.

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Mindfulness is bringing our ‘full minds’ to what we're doing. Not our distracted minds, not our blaming minds, not our justifying minds. Our full minds. You know how it feels when someone is really listening to you. You feel respected, valued, heard. But it’s even more than that, you feel…seen. And then they say “tell [...]

Clarity is Key.

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Leaders, your people do less of what you say, and more of what you do.  Less listening to your words, and more reproducing of your actions. If you want your managers to hold people accountable to results, in a way that creates empowered, solution focused high-performers, you need to hold your managers accountable in the [...]