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What if you lived
your life from
the inside out?

We live mostly on auto-pilot, reacting and responding to our circumstances and the external world around us. Living by beliefs and truths we’ve adopted, our expectations weigh heavily on ourselves and others, yet often we’re not aware we have them.

Gaining a deeper awareness about why we do what we do allows us to loosen our grip on how we think things should be. Living life more consciously gives us space to question what we’ve always done. Leaving room to discover what’s really behind the experiences and results that leave us unfulfilled.

Awareness of self goes one step further and enables us understanding and appreciation of what drives others. Powerful tools for creating the relationships we desire.

what clients have experienced


55 year old successful business man, married with 2 teenage children.  Feeling tired, unfulfilled, alone and restless.  His work no longer demanding all of his attention, faced with the reality that his relationships were not all he wanted them to be.  Working long hours, avoiding home life, unsure of who he was as a man, fearful he wouldn’t meet his family’s expectations.  Distant from his wife, disconnected from his children, he was looking for something, just not sure on what that was or how to get it.


A deeper, holistic and meaningful appreciation for himself, his value and ability as a man, a husband and a father.  Open communication with his wife, feeling appreciated and desired by her again. Able to communicate and connect with his children, enjoying time and planning holidays together.  A renewed passion for his business, bringing fresh energy to key projects.


35 year old single mum of a young boy, working part time in a senior corporate role. Admired by friends and colleagues as being highly capable with a successful life. Quietly, she felt stuck, alone and with no passion. Wanting to feel alive again but lacking drive, motivation and clarity to get out of the daily grind. She was using social habits as a crutch to make the day feel ok, biding time while she tried to find her true path.


Energy to burn and a passion for life never before experienced. Where once she was guarded, keeping the world at a distance, now she’s feeling loved, appreciated, connected and vibrant. Clear and purposeful in her professional role, with structures and supports in place at home for a level of organisation that leaves energy and space to enjoy and be present with her son. The heavily weighted stories from the past have been resolved and she is living a heart-centred, mindful life as a woman coming into her full power.


Executive Leader within an international corporation, challenged in communicating with varying personalities and gaining deeper buy-in from key stakeholders. Critical areas of the business were suffering from inadequate leadership which the business needed him to rectify while elevating his profile as a leader people wanted to follow. Personally, he was often frustrated in his relationship, struggling to maintain his own identity while honoring and providing for his partner and her needs.


Now recognised as an interested and in-touch leader and decision maker, cultivating a culture of connection, empowerment and inclusion. Significant bottom line turnaround by effectively resolving management issues and chronic process and communication inadequacies. Feeling heard and valued in his personal relationship, recently marrying his cherished life partner.

Receive fresh insights and thought provoking perspectives… on how to lead through influence, live from passion and love with presence.


Karen Williams is a coach, trainer and facilitator, helping women and men create and experience a life of fulfilment beyond success.
Supporting people to dive below the façade of what they show the world and discover real and intimate connection, find their passion and live life with meaning and purpose.

She is based in Melbourne, Australia.