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“I am Karen Williams, and I am your interruption.”

I am a facilitator, trainer and coach, helping people create and experience a life of fulfilment beyond success.


I work with women and men who have reached a level of success in their lives.

Leaders in business, family and community, who have defined themselves by their actions and accomplishments.

People who are now looking for something more, something beyond what they do.


You have been questioning.

In the deepest pit of your gut, in the places you rarely visit, there’s an ache.
A gnawing grind.

An emptiness that the busyness of life no longer fills.

You want more. More than you can explain.
It’s an unfamiliar feeling. Terrifying, yet secretly exciting.

Now is the time to explore what has been ignored.
Let’s discover what your brilliant mind doesn’t yet know is possible.


“The mix of vulnerability and power I felt gave me insight into how things could be – there is no going back after getting a taste of that.”
Sarah Stone
“My health and fitness, my relationships, my self-belief, my passion for life and my career have all changed in immeasurable ways.”
D'Anne Cowie
“My mind became broader. I learnt to accept and find the positives in different people and different mind sets.”
Charles Elliott
“I have gained confidence, clarity and direction without running myself into the ground like I did in the past.”
Melinda Hiatt
“Karen has shown me how to open my heart and feel love from the inside out again”
Katie Gridley


Receive fresh insights and thought provoking perspectives… on how to lead through influence, live from passion and love with presence.


Karen Williams is a coach, trainer and facilitator, helping women and men create and experience a life of fulfilment beyond success.
Supporting people to dive below the façade of what they show the world and discover real and intimate connection, find their passion and live life with meaning and purpose.

She is based in Melbourne, Australia.